Motorcyclists call for action on dangerous pot holes

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is using National Pothole Day to call for bikers to make local authorities more aware of potholes, in a move designed to reduce the chances of injury.

March 8th has been declared National Pothole Day by campaigners seeking more awareness of the dangers of potholes. In recognising that motorcyclists are the most vulnerable group of road users at risk of serious injury, MAG has launched a campaign asking bikers themselves to be more proactive in getting potholes fixed.

National Pothole Day

MAG’s Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement, Colin Brown, has called bikers to “Make a simple call to the local council or send an email about the road damage you’ve noticed – and which could cost lives.

“It takes two minutes to tell your local authority about troublesome irregularities in the road. It’s essential to prevent spills. If we don’t tell them, they won’t know. If we do tell them, then they’ve got a responsibility to act. It’s as simple as that.”


Mr Brown continued, “‘Bikers are a hardy lot, but that won’t prevent dangerous accidents because of holes in the road. Hospital treatment is far more costly than fixing a pothole. We’re determined to work with the authorities to ensure road-related accidents are prevented before they happen.”

He added, “Let’s help ourselves by giving them the information they need to stop avoidable – and potentially life-threatening – accidents. It’s common sense and easy to do.”

MAG also pointed out that not repairing a pothole properly actually worsens the situation. Because frost fractures a poor repair, the recent adverse weather conditions have wrecked previously badly repaired potholes, thereby making the investment pointless and the repair potentially more dangerous than it was in the first place.

By contrast, a good repair leads to a lasting improvement to the road surface and doesn’t need repeated maintenance.


Get yourself sorted:

If you see a potentially dangerous pothole you can either contact your local council directly or report the pothole through the national helplines:

England and Wales:


Northern Ireland:

Check your forks:

Potholes can also cause serious damage to your bike, especially to your fork seals, so it pays to check your for leaks regularly, not just on National Pothole Day, using our Two Minute Check.


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