Motorcycle travel and touring writers wanted

Are you itching to get your motorcycle travelling and touring writing seen by a wider audience? Would you like to build a name for yourself as someone who knows where to find great rides and the best way to experience them?

We are looking for contributors to inform Biker & Bike website and social media visitors on the best biking experiences out there.

The destinations don’t need to be exotic – let’s face it, the Mountain Road on the Isle of Man isn’t exactly the most glamorous road in the world, but it is one of the best. And you don’t need to be riding the latest Hondawaki XRDT 5000, either.

But if you ride, you can write a bit and you know other bikers would love to experience what you’ve ridden and seen, we want to get you on board and sharing with our lovely readers. If your stuff is really good we may even want to feature it in our upcoming touring films.

Our Life on Bikes section is about great roads and great destinations. Our Bikers Bucket List section is about the biking experiences that must be done before you hang up your boots – you know, the really special ones.

If you think your writing is something our readers would love then please get in touch with us at editorial (removing the space first!).

If you have a sample of your writing or a link to a blog that would be great. All we ask is that anything you want to have published on Biker & Bike needs to be original, written by you and not previously published on the web.