What is the Stolen Motorbike Register?

Biker & Bike’s Stolen Motorbike Register has been launched to create a picture of motorcycle theft that will reveal operating patterns by bike thieves.

This data on stolen bike locations will reveal precise hotspots, down to individual streets and bike bays. These locations will be passed to the local Police to help them target thieves operating in those areas and to Local Authorities to persuade them to put preventative security measures in place.

The precise location data is never revealed to members of the public or other users of Biker & Bike.

A searchable map will show these hotspots as general areas, although the precise locations of thefts will not be shown – to prevent retargeting of replaced bikes by thieves.

The map is searchable by both location and make and model – so if there is a location where adventure bikes seem to be favoured by thieves, the map will reveal this, as an example.

Helping recover bikes

The Register can also be used to report a stolen bike that has been found.

Anyone finding a stolen motorbike can, in safety, report the find and be put in touch with the owner, should the owner wish to know the location.

Why have we created the Register?

Motorcycle crime in the UK has reached epidemic levels. In London alone, thefts of motorbikes increased by 44% in the last recorded period.

In the two years to the end of 2016, moped-related crime in London increased a staggering 600%.

Brighton and Southampton share the honours with London as the top three hot spots for motorcycle theft, according to data released by insurance company Carole Nash. Regionally, the South West has the highest incidence of theft.

The Stolen Motorbike Register is an initiative by Biker & Bike to try and reduce statistics. Our mission is to help bikers get more out of their passion. Some reports claim that 20% of bikers who have a bike stolen never ride again. We want to put an end to that.

What about data from the insurance companies?

Unfortunately, when we approached the Association of British Insurers to see if data already held by insurers could be added to the Register we were informed that insurers would be unlikely to share their data.

We would ask any insurance company reading this to contact us so we can see if their data can be added without infringing customer privacy.

Add your bike

The more bike thefts that are added to the Stolen Motorbike Register, the more accurate and complete the data will become.

If you have had a bike stolen in the past five years, please add it to the Register and help us try and reduce the chances of the same thing happening again.

It only takes a few minutes and, if your motorbike was stolen recently, it may help recover the bike.