When a baby is threatened with a knife, we are riding for the public, not just bikers

This harrowing call for action from a member of the public proves why everyone needs to get involved in the #BikersUnited protest ride on 9th September.

The biking community is already very familiar with the damage being caused by moped gangs.

But as this post by a Facebook user shows, it’s not just bikers who are affected. Please read and please make the effort to join us this Saturday so that the authorities understand they have to get to grips with this evil menace on society.

The following is reproduced in whole from a Facebook post by Caroline Jimenez, whose 10 month old child was threatened by a knife during a moped street mugging attack on her and her husband:

This afternoon in Chelsea (London), my husband and I were assaulted by these two men. They threatened our 10 months old baby girl with a huge knife. Seconds later we handed them all our valuables and they left on their motorcycle. The Metropolitan Police Service arrived moments later and took our statement. We were told by the police that three more people had been assaulted by men matching the same description earlier today. Yet the police told us that, unfortunately, they could not chase the criminals. 

I am therefore asking you, Sadiq Khan, as Mayor of London, what are you waiting for? When will you take action to protect your citizens and, in particular, the weaker ones, children and the elderly? 

Mr Khan, as a father and the mayor of London, do you find it acceptable that a baby can be threatened with a knife on the streets of your city on a Saturday afternoon? I am asking because the police are not permitted to chase these gang members. 

According to you, Mr Khan, who is the victim? The attacker? The question might seem ridiculous but it is clear from the impotence of the police that it is the attacker that is being protected, not the people and children being assaulted. 

Mr Khan, are you taking responsibility for letting the moped gangs escape? Don’t you think that in a way you are an accomplice by not ensuring the police are afforded the authority and the resources they need to catch these dangerous criminals?

When 10-month-old babies are threatened with knives, enough really is enough. Please ride and be counted.

What is #BikersUnited?

Biker & Bike is part of an initiative to bring biking groups and those affected by the current bike crime epidemic together to seek a solution to the situation.

Other members of the initiative include:

The Ace Cafe
Motorcycle Crime Prevention Community
UK Motorcycle Theft Protest
The Bike Shed
Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) London
Scooter Workers Union London
We Ride London

We are holding a protest ride on 9th September 2017. Details are here. Please make every effort to join what we hope will the biggest protest ride on this issue yet.



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