#BikersUnited protest ride Saturday 9th September, Central London

After another increase in violent attacks on motorcyclists in London, a number of biker’s interest groups have come together to hold the #BikersUnited protest ride in central London. The group, which includes Biker & Bike, has issued the following statement.

“We represent the 1,000s of riders of motorcycles and scooters in Britain and are protesting about the outrageous escalation of bike theft and bike jackings in our country.

“65 bikes are stolen per day, riders face violence, knives, acid and even death from the thieves, insurance companies are withdrawing from London, bike manufacturers are seeing reduced new bike sales, the Police face constant barriers to effectively fight this crimewave, and the judiciary fail us all with weak sentencing.

“The UK biker communities have campaigned for more than a year to educate fellow riders, the public, the media and the UK authorities about the problem. Some good progress has been made but the theft and attack numbers keep increasing and the conviction rates haven’t increased.

“Major action is now needed to bring these criminals to justice and return the UK to a place where riders can own and ride their bikes in safety.

“The motorcycling community, The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest, Motorcycle Crime Prevention Community, Motorcycle Action Group (Greater London), We Ride London, The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club, Workers Union London and Biker & Bike have decided to do an emergency protest as Bikers United to pressure the Government once more so they can finally respond and use their power to end bike crime, thefts and attacks on our biking community.

“We will have a Protest Ride on Saturday, 9th September 2017 so keep the day free. More info will be sent out soon.”



Warning, highly graphic content follows.

Enough is enough

In addition to the joint statement, Biker & Bike would like to add the following: The ride is in direct response to recent attacks on motorcyclists. In the past week, riders have been attacked with large knives, possibly machetes.

#BikersUnited protest ride
This moped rider had his bike stolen after the knife attack

This is unacceptable in a modern society. Bikers shouldn’t need any motivation to support fellow bikers, but we have published the images above because we want you to know how serious the situation has become. We need every biker’s support on Septemeber 9th. We hope it will be the biggest protest ride ever in the UK. Please look out for announcements on the ride route and timings and offer your support by riding on the day.


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