Using the Stolen Motorbike Register

If you have had a motorbike stolen

Add its details to the Stolen Motorbike Register, using the green button. This helps build a picture of criminal activity that could be used to reduce the chances of another theft. If your bike is found, the Register can be used to safely provide you with information so that you can contact the finder and recover your bike. We never reveal the exact location where the bike was stolen from, to avoid thieves retargeting a replacement motorcycle.

If you have found a stolen motorbike

Check the Total Car Check website to see if the bike is definitely stolen, or add the VIN or Registration Number below and we’ll check the Register to see if the owner has registered the bike. If the bike is on the Register we’ll contact them on your behalf.

Why can’t I zoom into the exact address?

We want stolen bikes to be found BUT we don’t want any replaced bikes to be targeted.

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