Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s anything you are unsure about when using Biker & Bike then you’ll find the answer here.

Membership of Biker & Bike

What is membership of Biker & Bike?

What is membership of Biker & Bike?

When you become a member of Biker & Bike you’ll benefit from the services we are creating to help bikers get more out of biking, such as the forthcoming B&B Discount Club, the New Bike Deals bid generator and our free Classifieds. If you are unfortunate enough to have your bike stolen, you are able to use our Stolen Motorbike Register.

I’ve lost/forgotten my password?

Go to My Account then select, Lost your password?

How do I change my email address?

Go to My Account and log-in. On your account homepage, select ‘edit your password and account details’.

Stolen Motorbike Register

Why do I need to create an account?

We need to keep your personal and bike details safe and the best way for us to do this is by using our already very secure Biker & Bike Membership system. There’s a bonus in that, once they are made available, you’ll also enjoy the other benefits of being a Biker & Bike member, like discounts in stores, access to our free Classifieds (£5 for items over £500) and more.

I want to add multiple bikes to the Stolen Motorbike Register

Once you are logged in, go to Stolen Motorbike Details. After you have added the first bike select Add to add another bike.

My bike has been stolen. What happens when I register it?

The information is stored in our database. From this data, we will see patterns of data that will signify which locations are more vulnerable to attack and so reveal the operating patterns of thieves. When we identify a repeating pattern, we inform the Police Force operating in that area and encourage them to put a special operation in place. Please note, DO NOT USE THE REGISTER TO REPORT A STOLEN BIKE TO THE POLICE. You need to do that directly with the police themselves. We really only want data for motorbikes stolen since 2010 if you can.

If someone finds my bike, what happens?

If someone finds your bike, they can supply an email and phone number, which we will then send to you. We do not reveal your details to them.

If your insurer has already settled a theft claim, technically the motorbike now belongs to them. You should either pass the finder’s details to the insurer, or if you are happy to, email the finder and give them the insurer’s name. It would help if you gave the finder the policy number, but you don’t have to.

I have found a stolen bike. What happens?

We will pass your contact details onto the owner. They may contact you directly, or, if they have already claimed on their insurance, they

I have found a stolen bike but it’s not in the Register

Report it to the Police using 101 as soon as you can.

Many owners share the theft on Facebook in the hop e that someone will spot the bike, so take a pic that includes the number plate and post it in the Facebook groups below, starting your post with the word FOUND.

When you post an image do not include any location details. Ask to contacted via a private message and then ask them for details that only they would know about the bike, such as a scratch or distinctive non-standard stickers.

Stolen Motorbikes UK

Stolen Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters, Van’s etc UK

Theft, Stolen, Robbed, Mugging Motorbike, Scooter, Moped, Motorcycle & Quad

There is also another, very active Facebook group, UK Motorcycle Theft Protest but you will have to apply to join and they will check your background profile to make sure you are not associated with any criminal activity. This can take some time, so it’s quicker to post in the other groups first.

Why can’t I zoom in to see the exact location of the theft?

On the map itself, you can only see an area, normally comprised of a number of streets. This is to stop thieves retargeting a location they think a replacement bike may be found.

The exact location is stored in our database. This information is only made available to the Police. Where we can see that individual streets have been repeatedly targeted, we will pass these street name to local authorities, along with advice on measures they can take to reduce the number of thefts.

Can thieves see my data?

No. They can see the map, like everyone else, but this information is generalised. They cannot access your personal information or your precise location.

Do the police or insurance companies have access to my personal details?

No. We only provide location and vehicle type data to the police, when it is requested. We do not work with insurers but we hope this situation will change in the combat against bike theft. Again, your personal details are never shared.

If the police have information regarding the theft that they want to pass on to you, we will send it to you on their behalf, including their contact details. If you then want to reveal your personal details to them or to contact them directly, you can do so.

I’m a representative of a UK Police force and would like to access the data. What do I do?

First send a message to stolen @ bikerandbike.co.uk (removing the spaces either side of the @ symbol). We will then contact you to establish credentials and take it from there.