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List: Pre-Euro 3 motorcycles with ULEZ exemptions

The table below is a list of the pre-Euro 3 (2007) motorcycles that we know have gained an exemption from the London ULEZ charge.

Transport for London’s ULEZ scheme exempts motorcycles that produce fewer than 0.15 g/Km of NOx emissions. All Euro 3 compliant motorcycles are exempt. Older motorcycles have to apply for an exemption.

There are a number of ways owners of pre-Euro 3 motorcycles can do this:

Read: Using your logbook (V5C) or obtaining a Certificate of Conformity
Read: With a physical test for NOx emissions

Reduce your motorcycle insurance premium


Below is a list of the pre-Euro 3 bikes we know to have gained exemption from the daily ULEZ charge of £12.50. The oldest vehicle we are currently aware of is a 34-year-old two-stroke Yahama RD350.

The list was last updated: 20/06/2019


V5C: Motorbikes that have their NOx value of 0.15 g/Km or under given on their logbook
CoC: Motorbikes that have a Certificate of Conformity stating the NOx value is 0.15 g/Km or under
NOx test: Motorbikes that have taken an emission test that confirms the NOx value is 0.15 g/Km or under

Pan European ST11002002NOx test0.14

Bike Model Year Method NOx per g/Km
RSV Mille 2002 CoC 0.06
R1150GS 2001 CoC 0.03
R1150GS 2003 CoC 0.03
R1150RT 2004 CoC ≤0.15
R1150GSA 2005 CoC 0.04
R1200GS 2005 CoC 0.044
Monster 600 2000 CoC 0.11
900SS 1997 NOx test 0.14
916 1998 NOx test 0.09
S2R1000 2006 CoC 0.036
Fat Boy 2001 NOx test ≤0.15
Road King Classic FLHRCI (1450cc/88ci) 2004 CoC 0.123
CB500 2003 NOx ≤0.15
CB600F Hornet 2002 CoC 0.092
CB600F Hornet 2003 CoC ≤0.15
CB600F Hornet 2006 U ≤0.15
CBF600NA 2004 CoC 0.109
CBF600 2007 CoC ≤0.15
CBR600F 2001 CoC ≤0.15
CBR600F 2005 CoC 0.06
CBR600RR 2003 CoC 0.129
CBR600RR 2004 CoC 0.093
CBR600RR 2004 CoC 0.0125
CBR900 1997 NOx test 0.07
CBR900 1997 NOx test 0.12
CBR1000RR 2006 CoC 0.09
CBR1100XX Blackbird 1996 NOx test 0.1
CBR1100XX Blackbird 2006 CoC 0.075
Deauville NT650V 2002 V5C 0.12
Deauville NT700V 2007 CoC 0.75
NT650 Bros 1989 NOx test 0.04
Pan European ST1100 2001 NOx test 0.15
Pan European ST1300 2004 CoC 0.088
Pan European ST1300 2006 CoC 0.088
SES125 Dylan 2002 CoC 0.053
VFR800 2005 NOx test ≤0.15
W650 2003 NOx test ≤0.15
ZX6R 1997 NOx test ≤0.15
Z750S (ZR750) 2006 V5C 0.1
950 Supermoto 2005 CoC 0.1
Moto Guzzi      
California EV 1100 2001 NOx test ≤0.15
Royal Enfield      
Bullet 500 Electra Lean Burn 2005 NOx test 0.11
ET4 (125cc) 2000 NOx test 0.15
PX125 U NOx test 0.01
GSF650 2005 V5C 0.15
SV650 (K4) 2004 V5C ≤0.15
SV650S 2007 V5C 0.1
GSX-R600 (K4) 2004 V5C 0.11
GSX-R600 (K6) 2006 V5C 0.11
GSX-R1000 (K1) 2000 NOx test ≤0.15
Bonneville Scrambler 2003 CoC 0.1
Bonneville Scrambler 2006 V5C 0.06
Daytona 955i 2006 U ≤0.15
Sprint ST1050 2005 V5C 0.09
Sprint ST1050 2007 CoC ≤0.15
RD350 1984 NOx test 0.02
TDR250 1990 NOx test 0.03
FZ6 2005 CoC 0.11
Fazer 1000 2005 CoC ≤0.15
FZ1 2003 CoC 0.9
FJR1300 2007 CoC 0.035



Some small print

The list is by no means exhaustive and does not include historic taxation class vehicles (vehicle over 40 years old) which are exempted automatically from ULEZ charges*.

The year is the year of that vehicle’s registration, not the manufacturer’s model year.

Any stated NOx reading is for the individual bike tested. Some bikes have initially failed the NOx test but then, with tuning, have subsequently passed. You should accept that your older bike might not pass even though a similar model and year has. This data is provided for information purposes only and should not be taken as a guarantee that your own vehicle might be exempt.

If a brand is not represented on the list it is because we are not currently aware of any of its models gaining exemption from the ULEZ charge.

The data in the list has been compiled from a number of sources including data submitted by Biker & Bike readers, social media posts and owner’s forums.

Add your ULEZ exempted motorcycle to the list

If you have gained exemption for a motorcycle that is not on the list please let us know by sending an email to editorial @ (removing the spaces either side of the @), using the subject line: ULEZ exempt motorcycle. Please tell us:

The model
The year of registration
The method (Certificate of Conformity, V5C [logbook] or NOx test)
The measured NOx reading, if known

*You must ensure you have applied to DVLA for historic vehicle status for the exemption to apply.

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