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As both my parents were bikers I never had a chance at being normal. I started off-road at 11 but got on the road as soon as I could do my CBT ;).

I took a break from bikes for a while, until my brother (also a biker), pissed me off greatly by buying a GSXR1000. So I did my direct access but I am still yet to get a car license.

I have always tinkered with bikes but in the last few years I have begun to really understand how to break a bike. By more luck than judgement, I somehow put them back together again. The ZX636 being my most ambitious project where I did everything except an engine rebuild and is my greatest achievement so far (I hate Carbs now though). 

I was a motorcycle courier for a year, travelling the length and breadth of the country, and - to date - this is still my favourite ever job. 

Now I just commute on bikes and have become very adept at pothole measuring. The blacker the ball, the bigger the pothole was. 

I keep threatening to turn a bike into a track weapon but, knowing what I am like and how easily obsession sets in, I dare not as the wallet has only just recovered from its previous cash amputation, the 765.

I am clinging on to my 20's but will soon have to accept that I will be 30 years old... However, I have crammed a lot into those first thirty years so I look forward to the next 30 years of bikes.

Bikes Past:
Honda CRF100
Honda Varadero 125

Project Bikes:
Honda MTX125 (Never finished but sold)
Kawasaki ZX636A1 (Finished and sold)
Kawasaki ER6F (Current-ish)
1989 Di Blasi R70 (Current, belongs to a mate. I just get to tinker)

Current Bikes:
Suzuki SV650s 2010
Triumph Street Triple 765RS 2018

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