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Motorcycle industry accuses London Mayor of putting biker’s lives at risk

The London Mayor’s Transport Strategy has actively ignored the positive contribution motorcycling makes to reducing congestion and pollution. The Motorcycle Industry Association claims current policy is putting bikers’ lives at risk.

The association representing the UK’s motorcycle industry has fired a warning shot at London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, saying his draft Transport Strategy, ‘ignores the benefits of powered two-wheelers and in doing so puts riders’ lives at greater risk.’

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has accused the Mayor and Transport for London of putting cyclists before other road user’s safety, pointing out that reduced lane widths on several major routes make it difficult and more dangerous for motorcycles to filter. The same issue has also been raised by motorcycle campaigners, including We Ride London and MAG.

The Mayor’s stance directly contradicts a policy framework delivered by the MCIA working with the National Police Chief’s Council and Highways England, which recommends, ‘Motorcycle and Scooters, sometimes known as Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs), can make a significant contribution to addressing the nation’s transport and traffic problems, offering real benefits in terms of reduced congestion, improved air quality and an affordable transport solution for those who could not otherwise be able to travel for work or study.’


In a press release issued by the trade body, the MCIA points out that the Capital also lacks a consistent policy of bus lane access for riders and it accuses the Mayor of failing to recognise that most small PTWs, of any age, already meet the ultra-low emission criteria and in turn support their use accordingly. This is in response to Transport for London proposal to charge any motorcycle registered before June 2007 a daily charge of £12.50.

CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, Tony Campbell, said: “The Mayor clearly has his own agenda around motorcycles and scooters, which was not made clear to the riders who elected him following his promise to champion their contribution to reducing London’s congestion.

“The MCIA strongly urges the Mayor to take another look at his plans to not only fulfil his pre-election commitment to riders and London voters, but also to honour his words at the recent meeting with Industry.”


The motorcycle industry also recently clashed with the Mayor when he effectively passed the buck regarding motorcycle theft in London. At a meeting with the MCIA and representatives from the leading bike manufacturers, Sadiq Khan claimed better security should be built into easily stealable motorcycles. The MCIA’s Campbell responded by saying, “We know the Mayor would like to hear there is a magic bullet which can be fitted to all bikes to stop them from being stolen, but unfortunately, there isn’t. If there were, we would be fitting it, as theft is particularly damaging to business and to our customers.”

Campbell also added that the focus should be on providing better security measures, including more secure parking facilities. “They need something to lock their bikes to, which is where City Hall can make a difference, in providing more secure parking across London.”

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