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Motorbike insurance mirroring explained

Insurance mirroring means you might be able to transfer your No Claims Bonus from your car policy

If you run more than one bike and you find a multi-bike policy is getting too expensive, you should take a look at splitting your cover into separate policies.

This normally means, though, that you’ll only be able to use an accumulated NCB on one of your motorcycles.

The way NCB works is it can only be accumulated on one insurance policy at a time. And if you have 6 years NCB on a car, it can’t be transferred to a motorcycle policy.

This seems unfair, because if you’re a safe rider or driver (and we know biker’s make for better drivers, right?) then it doesn’t matter what you’ve been riding or driving – you are a safer bet than someone with three accidents and nine points to their name, surely?

But it’s how the insurance industry works. Or is it…

A very select band of insurers will take bike NCB into account when you want to insure a car for the first time. Carole Nash are one of them, but they are few and far between and the only way to get the offer is by calling them direct and explaining your insurance circumstances.


Mirroring your NCB

Whilst you can’t use your bike NCB on different policies, some insurers will allow you to ‘mirror’ that NCB from another policy. Meaning they will take it into account and give you a similar discount. Some insurers call it a mirrored bonus scheme.

Mirrored insurance example

Let’s say you have a CBR600F as your main bike that you’ve been collecting NCB on for five years. If you buy a second bike to run, say a commuter bike like a CB300F, a new policy for that second bike won’t qualify for NCB. But some insurers will mirror the NCB value – so they will apply a discount equivalent to the five years you’ve accumulated on the main bike.

You’ll need to shop around

Not all motorbike insurers offer mirroring. It may not be offered directly from their website and if you see a mirroring offer on a comparison site let us know – it’ll be a first!

We think this will improve as the insurance becomes ever more competitive and innovative in the digital age.

From what we’ve seen, though, currently the insurers seem to switch between offering mirroring some of the time and sometimes not at all.

This isn’t ideal but a Google search for ‘motorbike policy mirroring’ will bring up a list of search results.

You’ll have to carefully read through the listings so you don’t arrive at a car insurance site, but at the time of our latest search Motorcycle Direct did offer mirroring on multiple bikes.

How to get yourself sorted:
Start with that Google search for insurance mirroring and then get on the phone to at least three insurers, if you can find them. It will take around 90 minutes, but the time spent could either save you a fortune.

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