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The bike seller’s Sale of Vehicle Certificate

This advice is part of our ‘Seller’s Pack’; a series of tools to help you get the quickest sale, a fair deal, minimum comeback and maximum peace-of-mind when you are selling that most precious of items, your motorbike.

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The bike seller’s Sale of Vehicle Certificate

Download the certificate here

Buying a second-hand bike from a private buyer is one of the most nerve-wracking things a person can do. So if a seller can establish a level of trust that makes the buyer comfortable, even more so than the fabled ‘Full Service History’, they can give themselves more chance of a quick and painless sale.

Vehicle Sale Certificate
Biker & Bike’s Sale Certificate protects both buyer and seller

The Sale of Vehicle Certificate is designed to give both buyer and seller peace-of-mind that the appropriate declarations about the bike are correct, that money has exchanged hands, that no warranties are given – unless of course you are passing on an existing manufacturer’s warranty – and more.


You don’t need to agree to every item on the certificate. Just the ones both parties are comfortable with.

Download the certificate here

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