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Used bike seller’s checklist

This bike seller’s checklist is part of our ‘Seller’s Pack’; a series of tools to help you get the quickest sale, a fair deal, minimum comeback and maximum peace-of-mind when you are selling that most precious of items, your motorbike.

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Before advertising the bike

Collect your documents together so you can include the details in any advert you create – length of MOT, mileage at the last service etc.

[  ] MOT certificates

[  ] Proof of any transferable warranty cover

[  ] Service book

[  ] Service and maintenance receipts

Settle your finance

It is illegal to knowingly sell a bike that has outstanding finance (an HP agreement) without informing them of the situation.

[  ] Get an early settlement figure

[  ] Pay off the finance, or

[  ] Agree a settlement process with the buyer

Advertising the bike

[  ] Clean the bike

[  ] Take photographs from each angle

Prior to viewings

[  ] Inspect and fix the visible items buyers will check

[  ] Tyre wear and pressures

[  ] Fork seals

[  ] Oil level

[  ] Coolant level

[  ] Chain slack

[  ] Indicators

[  ] Brake lights

[  ] Main beam headlight

[  ] Dipped beam headlight

On the day

[  ] Fully charged battery

[  ] V5 Registration document

[  ] Spare keys

[  ] Bike handbook / owners manual

[  ] Keys for any locks you sell with the bike

[  ] Complete a Biker & Bike Vehicle Seller’s Certificate


Once the sale is complete

[  ] Send your registration document to the DVLA
It is your legal responsibility to inform the DVLA of a change of ownership by completing the form on the Registration Document (V5C) and posting it to them. You should give the green section to the new owner (or yellow, if you are selling to a trader). Do not give the reg doc to the new owner.

[  ] Claim your ‘tax disc’ refund
It’s the new owner’s responsibility to tax the vehicle, as soon as the sale takes place. They can do that online, but you also need to reclaim your tax and if you by by direct debit, have that stopped too. Go here:


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