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The hero who stopped a bike thief in his tracks

If you follow Biker & Bike’s Facebook Page you might remember we offered a beer to a guy that intervened in a suspected theft and caught one of the bike thieves.

Well, it turns out that ‘Jon’ is a regular B&B fan and he got in touch to claim his beer. So we did that down at London’s Bike Shed where he filled us in on the details.* That was back in July and we can now tell the story in full, as this week the thief he caught was sentenced to six months in prison.

Jon was at work when he spotted what he spotted three balaclava-clad moped riders, taking an interest in a KTM parked in a bay immediately in front of Jon’s office.

Amazingly, it now looks like it might be the same crew that had been filmed stealing a Vespa hours before. The video had been sent to Biker & Bike and we ran it on Facebook; along with a comment about one of the gang’s terrible trainers and a call to anyone that might know them to dob the crew in. You’ll see the incredible coincidence of that comment in a moment.

The alleged thieves were caught stealing another bike only hours before

Back at his office, Jon grabbed his phone, hoping that being caught on camera would put the moped gang off.

Calm as you like he strode outside and told the gang, in no uncertain terms, where to go. In the video, which you can see on our Facebook Page, Jon hilariously calls them, “Fucking whores!”

One of the crew approaches him and appears to threaten him with a battery powered angle grinder. Big mistake.

Bike Thieves caught
From Jon’s own video, the moment he was threatened with an angle grinder

Having met Jon and heard some of his stories we now know it was the last thing the suspected thief should have done. Jon is Old School Biker and is ‘known’. Not just to bikers, if you know what we mean…

Jon’s response was to laugh at the guy carrying the angle grinder, tuck his phone in his pocket and then get stuck into the gang.

In the struggle that followed Jon was cut by the grinder but it didn’t stop him pinning down a member of the crew, keeping him there until the police arrived. It looks like it’s the same guy in the piss-poor trainers from the video above.

The other two escaped – Jon’s actions had encouraged a larger crowd to get involved and the thieves ran for it, instead of staying to help their mate. He repaid them back by grassing them up.

They were eventually found, arrested and all three have been charged. In the case of the guy caught by Jon, the charges include multiple bike theft and attempted bike theft, affray, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. Three months later he was sentenced to six months in prison.


We’re going to cover Jon’s full biker story separately, soon. It turns out that, over a 30+ bikes period of history he’s got quite a few biking stories to tell. He’s not just a hero – he’s a bit of a legend.

Get yourself sorted:

Bike thieves operate openly because they think they can get away with it. Jon’s action and those of others recently prove they are not. If you see a bike theft taking place, as long as it is safe to do so, challenge them, don’t just film it to make your YouTube channel famous.

There will always be lowlifes who steal bikes. But if more people did what Jon did, there would be far fewer of them.

They don’t like the idea of being caught and if they knew the public was prepared to step in because there aren’t enough police around to do it, the scrotes would be far less ‘brave’.

Take a lesson from Jon’s book and actually do something to stop the theft.

*Actually, as it was lunchtime we had coffees and cokes and the guys from the Bike Shed treated Jon to lunch on the house. Nice gesture, Dutch & Co.



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