Sadiq Khan: Sort out the motorbike theft epidemic

Still read this even if you are not a Londoner, as local authorities often take on initiatives started in the Capital.

Read this if you haven’t already been affected by motorbike theft. The longer the current situation is allowed to carry on, the more chance you will become a victim yourself.

We need initiatives, as motorcycle-related crime in London and other big cities and conurbations in the UK has spiraled out of control.

There are two reasons for this. YouTube has effectively become the University of Crime for bike thieves learning new techniques, like pushing a stolen bike along by the rear pegs from another bike and cutting through brake discs with angle grinders. There isn’t much that can be done about this, and indeed we show some of the videos so that owners can wise up about

There isn’t much that can be done about this, and indeed we show some of the videos ourselves so that owners can wise up about the importance of bike security.

The second main reason is the police policy of severely limiting the number of occasions when bikes thieves, most often on high-powered stolen scooters, can be pursued by anyone other than a limited number of highly-trained officers.

That single policy alone means bike thieves are operating almost without impunity, not even waiting for the cover of darkness, and not even waiting until a bike is parked up. The rise in very nasty bike-jacking incidents is horrific.


Sign the petition

Back in May, a petition was started on asking for the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan to act.

Among a number of measures suggested, including the installation of ground anchor points, was the call for a review of the ‘no-chase’ police policy. Sadiq Khan, who has overall responsibility for the Metropolitan Police, the senior force in the country, can directly influence this policy.

The problem is that the campaign was launched over six months ago and many bikers have not even heard of it.

We can do our bit. Sign the Petition: Take immediate action against the motorcycle theft epidemic in London and make sure to share it on social media so your biker friends can sign too.

Get ourselves sorted:

Let’s give the campaign some traction and get London’s mayor to lead the way in the fight bike against bike crime.




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