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Prescott Bike Festival preview

The Prescott Bike Festival and Hill Climb returns for another Sunday of bike-related fun, including the famous Run the Hill, where you the ordinary punter can take part in a hill climb (pre-booking necessary).

The festival features many highlights, including the award-winning Flying Millyard, a 5-litre V-Twin aero engine bolted into a motorbike frame, which builder Allen Millyard plans to take up the Hill. He’ll also be bringing along some of his other bike creations.

Jet powered Shopping Trolley
Matt McKeowen, famous for strapping inappropriate engines to practically anything, will be there

Matt McKeowen is also going to bring along some wild and wacky machinery, returning with the World’s fastest shopping trolley powered by a Chinook helicopter engine (he holds a World Record speed of 70.4mph/ 113.298kmh), plus his latest project, the World’s Fastest jet powered Hearse called ‘Dead Quick’.

As well as the fun of the Run, 100-plus examples of rare machinery will be on display as Paddock Specials, including David Jefferies’ 2002 hand-built 570cc Vertemati Supermoto race bike, an original Joey Dunlop TT race bike, James Toseland’s 1998 Honda CBR600 World Supersport Bike, and a 1914 Triumph LX126 one of only eight in the world.

There will be plenty of family entertainment too, with stunt teams, live bands, Darth Vader and erm, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards.

The event is held to raise funds for the local Blood Bikes organisation Severn Freewheelers so make good use of the trade stands (over 100) and catering and if you see a bucket or two being passed round, please empty your pockets for this vital cause.

Get yourself sorted:

Advance tickets available at a discount here. Could you be a Blood Biker?

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