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Are the police trying to kill off the ‘EVO Triangle’?

North Wales police have relaunched their now annual ‘Operation Darwin’ and are targeting bikers on a number of popular high-speed roads, including the EVO Triangle, between Easter and Autumn.

Although the campaign is labelled a safety campaign, on the North Wales police’s website they make it clear that catching bikes speeding is a priority.

Introducing the biking season-long initiative, the police say that on the first day of the campaign they caught a biker doing 104mph in a 60mph zone.

The biker was stopped and issued with a Traffic Offence Report that could lead to a court appearance.

Clearly, with the focus on speed, they are trying to dissuade bikers and car drivers from visiting the area with fast driving in mind – the reason they would be heading there in the first place.

Evo triangle road North Wales
PIc: Allyc85 on Pistonheads

Life-size Scalextric track

If you aren’t aware ( it’s going to be a Biker’s Bucket List item soon on B&B), the EVO Triangle is one of the UK’s best riding destinations, covering the A5, A543 and B4501. It gained the nickname after becoming popular with sports car reviewers from the car magazine of the same name.

Last year, the local Welsh press started to refer to the route as a ‘Life-size Scalextric track.’

Commenting on the first few days of the operation, Sergeant Superintendent Rob Kirman, Head of Specialist Operations at North Wales Police said: “Although Operation Darwen is aimed at motorcyclists, we do look at all motorists as part of the campaign. We will continue to target, with a view to prosecution, all those that ride or drive dangerously, at excess speed, overtake on solid white lines or commit any other road traffic offences.”

Other offences dealt with included speeding, number plate offences and several warnings issued regarding the manner of riding. Car drivers were also dealt with for speeding offences.

Superintendent Kirman added: “Reducing casualties on our roads remains one of our top priorities. We want people to enjoy coming to North Wales and riding or driving on some great roads, but most of all we want them to do so safely and responsibly.”

Specific roads targeted

Operation Darwin will be in force in a wide area beyond the EVO Triangle.

The roads with active patrols are:

The A494 between Dolgellau and Bala
The A525 from Ruthin to Bwlchgwyn
The A525 / A539 Ruabon, Overton and Redbrook
The A5 between Betws-y-Coed and Corwen
The A543 between Denbigh and Pentrefoelas The A5104/A494 Bryneglwys to Corwen.
The EVO Triangle: A483, A5 and the B4501.

The campaign is being run as part of a new Think Bike initiative that is also targeting another popular biking area, Warwickshire and West Mercia.

Get yourself sorted:

Fuck ’em. Don’t let Operation Darwin put you off. Ride to the conditions and the signs.

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