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This is why you need to use two disc locks every time

The battery-powered portable angle grinder is now in the hands of the biker’s worst enemy – the opportunist motorcycle thief.

For less than £80 they can now disable a dic lock or the weaker security chains in under 30 seconds, often cutting the disc itself when they can’t get to the disc lock’s locking pin.

As if that’s not bad enough, they are now doing this in broad daylight as the video below shows.

Motorcycle thieves attack a sports bike with a portable disc cutter

In that film, at least someone tries to intervene (he got acid thrown at him and a broken arm for his troubles).

But we’ve seen plenty of footage from the UK’s big cities showing scooter-riding gangs attacking bikes in street bays with nobody trying to stop them. We can’t criticise the public for not stepping in, as these guys are clearly dangerous and who wouldn’t be afraid of being attacked with a powerful cutting disc?


Carry and use two disc locks

Assuming you are not carrying around a heavy duty chain when parking in a public place, the only reasonable deterrent against this is to use two disc locks.

Use one on the front disc and one on the rear (using two on the front means they may just lift the bike anyway).

This means it will take the thieves twice as long to attack the locks and if the bike thief has an enemy, it is time.

As the thieves are cutting the brake disc itself and if you are on a tight budget, we would recommend going for two mid-range locks rather than one high-end disc lock. The most important thing is to get a lock that fits your disc correctly as another technique used by the thieves is to simply kick-off loose fitting disc locks.

We have more advice on portable security options here.

Get yourself sorted:

Use two disc locks, and use them every time you leave the bike out of your view.



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