Motorbike security

Why do we show bikes being stolen?

If you visit B&B often enough you’ll notice we feature motorbikes being stolen.

Why do we do this?

The simple answer is we want our community to take bike theft seriously. To act to protect your own bike. To act when you see another biker’s bike being stolen. You’ll notice that many of these videos of thrives kicking bikes are filmed by passers-by. That makes us mad. Is one of the prime reasons we started B&B in the first place (link to about).

A London scooter gang steal another bike in broad daylight, with nobody stopping them.

The fact of the matter is there is a bike theft epidemic in the UK. Thefts have risen 44% in just two years between 2012 and 2014.

If the same volume of theft was seen by car drivers there would be an outcry.

But because bikers are in a majority then we have to act ourselves. That’s why we are starting the stolen bike register. It’s why we offer so much advice on securing your motorbike.

And it’s the primary reason why we have to have so many articles on how to get the right insurance deal for you and your bike.

These thefts are causing huge rises in insurance premiums. You have to spend time trying to get the best deal for you, because if you don’t the insurance company will take full advantage – especially if you are lazy at renewal time.

Thieves use a sack trolley to wheel away yet another expensive bike.

Frankly, if we never saw another youth captured on video smashing a steering lock (that’s around £400 damage on a decent bike), then we’d be happy.

As things stand right now, we need to raise awareness so that we make it almost impossible for bike thefts to operate.

Make sure you (and your mates) are sorted:

Please share the videos yourself on Facebook and Twitter. And please share links to B&B so that more bikers can arm themselves with the best advice to protect their loved ones (bikes that is ?).

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