Can you help convict the thief who stole this bike?

A suspected motorbike thief has taunted police, “You’ll never find the owner.” We are asking the biking community to help find the owner and put the thief away.

Before we get any further, please don’t write in asking us to help find your motorbike – that’s what the Stolen Motorbike Register is for.

On this occasion, we are making an exception to our rule of not featuring a particular bike because it could lead to the direct conviction of a suspected motorbike thief.

London’s Met Police have recovered a Yamaha R1 and have a suspect for the theft. However, the bike’s markings, including frame and engine numbers have been removed from the bike, meaning the only way to secure a conviction is if the original owner can be found to claim the motorbike.


The suspected thief has claimed that the police will never be able to find the original owner. We’d like to see if between us, decent bikers can help the police prove him wrong.

help catch a motorbike thief

The bike could have been stolen from anywhere in the country and it shows many signs of having been disguised – the original red frame has been poorly over-sprayed in black and the fairings do not match that particular frame colour. The bike also has mismatched wheels.

If you know of someone who has a Yamaha YZF-R1 (2009-2014) stolen, especially if it was originally white, please contact the police direct:

Tweet: @MPSGreenwich



help catch a motorbike thief
A tweet from the Met Police asking for help tracing the owner.


help catch a motorbike thief
The bike has many after-market additions



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