Is this the maddest bike theft yet?

The HP4 in the picture was stolen. Not before the crash, but just after it.

What you are looking at is not the result of an octane-fuelled police chase (they don’t happen much anymore, remember…). And it’s not due to over-enthusiastic riding. The picture was taken by the owner of the bike shortly after he was involved in a collision, just before he was taken off to hospital, along with his injured girlfriend.

When he came back a few hours later, the bike was missing. Checking with the police to see where they had taken it, they admitted they hadn’t. It had been left, unattended, by the roadside.

It’s not as if we need any more examples of what low life’s bike thieves are, but this really is sickening. How did they know they weren’t taking a dead man’s bike?

The accident actually happened a few months ago but we heard about it after owner Dovaras Lasas posted the pic on Facebook group Stolen Bikes UK.

The BMW HP4 before the crash

The bike, which cost him £16,000 was only insured Third Party as he’d already had two bikes stolen and couldn’t get anything higher.

The accident happened on the Meridian Way in Edmonton, London. Bikers will remember this used to be a bit of a racetrack before the speed cameras went in. As those cameras have effectively killed speeding there it’s easy to believe Dovaras’ account of the accident. We got in touch with him and he told us, “A van decided to overtake the traffic in the hatched area when I was beside him. It sent me into metal railings.

I was OK because I was wearing full leathers, but I had my girlfriend on the back who just passed her bike test 5 minutes earlier and she was not so good.” Luckily, she is now fine and still wants her own bike. For two weeks after the accident she couldn’t move thanks to road rash burns.

The van driver has denied liability, so there is currently no insurance payout.

The police are claiming the bike was the owner’s responsibility, although how that works when he’s been taken to a hospital is beyond us. Dovaras said, “I still feel devastated. This was my dream bike and I wanted to keep it for life. I am really upset how the police dealt with it.” It’s a fair point.

Have you bought one of these since October 2016?

Unfortunately, there’s probably very little chance the bike will be seen again. After a friend posted the pic on Instagram, someone came forward to say they had seen the bike lifted into a red Vauxhall Astra van. It’s likely to have been stripped down for the valuable BMW parts on an HP4.

Or, it’s possible that it could have been repaired, ringed and put back on the road. If you have bought an HP4 since October and you want to be sure you haven’t ended up with this bike, get in touch with us by sending us your VIN (chassis) number from the frame, not the documentation, and we’ll check it with the owner.

If you have any information about the theft or have come across HP4 parts that are a bit too cheap get in touch with us and we’ll pass the info onto Dovaras.

And if you have a story as crazy as this one let us know about it at editorial @

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