Update on the mugged Blood Biker

In the face of everything that is thrown at us, the epidemic level of theft, the bike-jackings, muggings and worse; the punitive new legislation on its way and just the simple fact that non-bikers seem to have completely the wrong idea about us, bikers have proved that, despite everything, we are a truly some of the best people around.

A young biker was mugged in an attempted bike-jacking. It happens all the time. But this young man is different because he uses his bike for good, as a volunteer delivering vital blood supplies between hospitals.

The attack was violent enough to put his bike out of action. Luckily, although very badly shaken, the rider, Niall Millar, wasn’t badly hurt.

The biking community’s response has been nothing less than amazing, with pledges of cash, help, replacement parts and even offers to loan him bikes, so Niall could continue to deliver vital blood supplies.

What happened next?

We’ve just caught up with Graham, Niall’s father, who also volunteers for the North West Blood Bikes.

“As you can imagine, things have been a bit manic up here. The main thing being that we are totally blown away and slowly sinking under the sheer volume of offers of support that are coming in from all over the UK and Ireland.”

He added that the Fund Me page set up by another member of the group hit its target in less than 18 hours. And he’s updated us on the offers of help and parts.

It was mostly the top half of the Triumph Tiger that was damaged. To date, Niall has had 18 offers of replacement screens, many from other bikers.

Cracked windscreen of blood bikers motorcycle
The cracked screen clearly shows the bike was used for delivering blood supplies

Three separate Triumph dealers got in touch to offer replacement parts with very generous discounts and Graham mentioned that Triumph’s General Manager, Peter Lilley, phoned the Lancs and Lakes Blood Bikes group directly after hearing about the story. The Triumph family can’t be faulted for its response.

From the wider community, three paint shops offered to repair the damage free of charge and another three local companies offered to rebuild the bike on the same basis, once the parts have turned up.

And what about Niall himself?

He’s obviously been through a roller-coaster of emotions since the attack on Tuesday night. But he’s OK now.

Graham has forwarded a post put up on Facebook by Niall: “I feel I owe a lot of people a big thank you. It was safe to say after what happened I had lost a lot of my faith in humanity but I can say thanks to everyone’s support I can tell there is a lot more good than I thought in the world.

12 hours ago two of the most kind-hearted and generous people I know must have made it their mission to make me and my family emotional. Haydn Williams, Jason Lee, we were all completely taken back by the sheer amount of people willing to help me out and all the kind words of support we have received. I wanted to thank everyone that has donated, offered to help, given words of support and even offered me

I wanted to thank everyone that has donated, offered to help, given words of support and even offered me the use of their bike. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and to let you all know any of the money that is not spent on repairs will be donated to North West Blood Bikes. Thank you all.”

Graham thinks the bike is going to be back on the road within two to six weeks, depending on the availability of the parts. “Whenever it is, we’ll be making a song and dance about it.”

Something good has come of it

It’s both a tragic and heartwarming story.

Despite the scrotes on stolen scooters terrorising cities. Despite the vans that silently park outside our driveways and steal away our hard-earned pride and joy. Despite these reptiles who attacked a young Blood Biker volunteer, our faith in humanity is intact.

At Biker & Bike, we have a little article tucked away in a corner of the site encouraging bikers to become Blood Bikers.

Since the story broke, interest in that campaign has gone up 800%. Let’s hope some of the people that read the advice go on to volunteer as Blood Bikers themselves.

And Niall, if you get to read this, good luck, get back on the bike and keep up the good work. If every 21-year-old were like you, the world would be a better place.

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