ULEZ vehicle checker now shows more motorcycles liable for £12.50 fee

Bikers checking to see if their motorcycles will be ULEZ compliant have been given previously inaccurate results and are now finding themselves liable to pay £12.50 each day.

Transport for London’s ULEZ Vehicle Checker has been providing search results on motorcycles that may not be accurate, and the situation may continue as TfL updates its records. It means motorcyclists that may have thought they would not need to pay the daily £12.50 charge could be in for a shock.

The news came to light when London commuter Douglas Dickson discovered the motorbike he thought was compliant suddenly became liable for the daily ULEZ charge, which will be enforced from April 2019. On social media he commented, “I used the TFL checker last month and it said my 2004 BMW R1150RT was NOT subject to the ULEZ now it says I am. What the hell are TFL playing at?”

Multiple others followed with similar claims, including some with vehicles registered beyond the cut-off registration date of July 2007 claiming they are also facing the charge when they shouldn’t be.

Checking with TfL, we have found that the ULEZ database was recently updated, with many more vehicles’ data added.

A spokesperson for TfL said, “A new dataset was uploaded on 23rd June 2018 to enable us to be more accurate with our results. We will be continuing to update vehicle data on a regular basis.”

Having done our own checks previously, we can confirm that some bikes we know are definitely not Euro 3 compliant, that were showing as not being subject to the £12.50 per day 24/7 Ultra Low Emissions Zone charge, now are.

Anyone who thinks TfL may hold the wrong data about their motorcycle should check the ULEZ vehicle checker on a regular basis for updates.

Currently, the only sure way to know if you will be non-compliant is to check with the vehicle manufacturer to see if your registered bike is Euro 3 or later. Any vehicles that are non-Euro 3, with the exception of those in the historic vehicle tax class (loosely, vehicle over 40 years old), are all subject to the daily charge.

Douglas found that even his BMW dealership wasn’t able to give him accurate information, which is only held by the manufacturer. He told us, “I was resigned to the fact my 1998 14k bandit would be included but was always under the impression that the BMW was ok, so much so that I called Park Lane BMW and asked them why. They said that hundreds of riders had been in touch for the same reason and that all they could think of was that the BMW R1150RT had a cat and was in advance when it came to emissions.”

Editorial note:
This article has been updated from a previous version that gave incorrect information on exempt vehicles.


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