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Many people would like to try a motorcycle for the first time but don’t know where to start. Get On is a national program of ‘taster events’ where you can try for free.

The world needs more bikers. It’s a form of transport that’s more fun, with quicker journey times and safer than many people realise. In many ways, it’s also more environmentally friendly and certainly more economical than many other forms of transport.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a 16-year old looking to get more mobile or a retiree looking for a new pastime. Get On is a great way to discover if biking is for you before you take the plunge and book a CBT course or even buy a motorbike.

What’s more, the events allow you to try a motorcycle for free (although some of the events Get On will be attending may have an entry fee).


What’s involved?

Everything, including safety gear like a helmet, is provided although you’ll need to be wearing long jeans and sturdy footwear.

After a session on safety, you’ll be given one-to-one instruction on the bike itself, including braking, how to use the gears and how to balance the throttle.

The session is held in a completely safe, car-free environment and, according to the guys who run the sessions, nearly everyone comes away grinning like a kid who’s just ridden their first bicycle. It’s really that easy and enjoyable.

After the session, assuming you become one of the 95% of people who say they love it, you can get advice on how to take your mCBT (Compulsory Basic Training – a test that needs to be taken before you can ride any powered two-wheeler on UK roads) and motorcycle licence tests, plus get advice on the different types of bikes.

When and where?

The events happen across the country every year, often at other motorcycling events. For the latest times and venues, click here.

Get yourself sorted:

Book a session with a mate so it’s more fun and you can swap tips. Anyone can try, without a driving licence, as long as they are over 14 (children under 16 will need an accompanying adult).



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