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Prolific moped thief gets 2 year sentence

A moped thief who stole bikes and hid them near his home in Camden, London, has been jailed for two years.

The Met Police released a statement that Paul John Walsh, 28, of Holmes Road, Camden was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court on Wednesday 23rd August 2017. He had been found guilty of seven counts, including attempted theft of a motor vehicle and handling stolen goods.

On at least two occasions, Walsh had stolen Piaggo Vespas which had tracking devices fitted. One was found near his home. One was also seen near his home address, and although the tracker fitted to that bike was subsequently removed, DNA evidence on the stolen scooter linked Walsh to the bike.


It is hard to tell if the sentence reflects a new approach of tougher tariffs for motorcycle-related crimes. Walsh was also found guilty of being involved in the theft of letters and parcels, which can carry stiff penalties in itself.

According to the Met Police statement, “At 17:27hrs on 4 May, whilst a postman was delivering mail, a white moped with two people was seen to drive off with the post trolley. The trolley and some mail was recovered at the rear of Budgens on Haverstock Hill. Four packages were stolen.”

Walsh was also disqualified from driving for two years. We do not know if he had a licence in the first place.


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