WTF? Advertising?

Yes, it’s true, we’ve had to start running ads…

This has happened way sooner than we expected because, frankly, we’ve been way more popular than we thought we might be at this early stage.

That has led to quite a few costs for running the site. So we have no choice.

We don’t want to rely on ads, in fact, we’d rather not have them at all unless they are for really good gear or sexy new bikes.

But we need to pay for our costs and growth somehow. We will be releasing new features over the next six months that will help us to fund and grow the site as well as being useful to bikers.

In the meantime, we need to pay for servers and buying cameras and editing and all that stuff. We will be releasing new features over the next six months that will help us to fund the site and hopefully, they will reduce our reliance on ‘The Man’.

We’ve said before that we would only run adverts on Biker & Bike that we could control. We could still do that, by approaching advertisers direct and doing deals and all that malarkey. But we worked out it would take up too much of the time we need for researching and writing all the advice and other content we want to get out there. And we only have a teeny-tiny team, with no dedicated ad/salesey bod.

So we had to run with something and it turns out, for the moment, the best thing for delivering ads you might actually be interested in is called Google Adsense. The ads you see should be based on your interests (or at least what Google thinks you are interested in). So don’t blame us, blame your browsing history if you are only seeing ads for hot Russian laydees.

At least they are not that click-bait shite that has ruined other, once great, sites…

So please put up with them and maybe even click on them (that’s when we earn the 0.0001p or whatever it is) until there’s something better that can fund the site.

And if you are from one of the companies that make really great gear or nice sexy bikes then get in touch – you can help us grow and continue the good work. If you sell dodgy shit, don’t bother – we’ll out you.






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The Author

Paul Vennard

Paul Vennard

Paul is actually a chartered accountant so he knows a thing or two about saving money - and that's one of his roles at Biker and Bike: how to save bikers money.

Like everyone else here he's a full-on biker. He's a year-round rider and never happier than when he's on a track, screaming the nuts of his 675 Daytona.

Paul also loves a trip. Just don't share a tent with him. He snores like a bastard.