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BMW have caused quite a stir at Intermot, the bike industry’s annual trade show. Amongst the launch-fest of new bikes from virtually every manufacturer, two bikes stood out, the BMW R nineT Pure and especially, it’s faired cousin, the R nineT Racer.

Both bikes come from the genesis, R nineT Scrambler, but the Racer is shorter, fatter and way lower than the off-road bike, as you’d expect.

Engine size and output is the same, there’s been a bit of fiddling with suspension and pretty much that’s it. Except for that cafe racer bodywork… If you’re not familiar with how these bikes have come out of the retro-custom scene, take a look here.

The ultra-clean cafe racer lines have been hugely aided by the Martini-esque BMW Motorad livery and we suspect that one of the first mods we’ll see is a tail-tidy to reduce the impact of the number plate and rear light cluster.

We also wonder, given that the bike has been built to a mass-appeal budget, how many of the ‘compromise parts’ will be swapped out (the tank is steel, not aluminium, for example). The brakes are unlikely to match the Brembo-powered stopping power of Triumph’s Thruxton R, we suspect.

Is the lower part-bin spec going to affect sales? Well, the price isn’t quite as low as the higher-spec Triumph (£11,700 OTR), coming in at €13,300 in Germany, which at the time of writing (10th October 2016) translates as nearly £12,000.

But that’s at the insanely low post-Brexit exchange rate of £0.90 to €1. At the average rate of around £1,20 to €1, the price would be closer to £10,600.

From around the web:

The official BMW Motorad page for the R nineT Racer, including technical specs and a 360 view.

More images from Google, including mock-ups from before the official launch of the BMW R nineT Racer.

Revzilla have made the most of the PR shots released for the bike.

The best close-ups from the Intermot show, by Motofire

BMW’s own Intermot highlights, featuring the R nineT Racer.


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