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Scooter theft victim gives bike thief invoice

A scooter owner who had his bike stolen managed to get it back but realised the bike was damaged. So he tracked down the alleged scooter thief, rounded up some support and handed him a bill.

When Gloucester scooter owner Steve Stuckle discovered his cherished Vespa PX had been stolen, he put out a call on social media to make the bike too hot to handle.

It worked, and within a few days there were a number of sightings before the scooter was found abandoned. Although Steve had got his bike back it was damaged, leaving Steve with a hefty repair bill.

Along with the location of where his scooter had been dumped, Facebook users had given Steve the name of a local lad alleged to have been the thief. Steve decided the 20-year-old, or his family, should be made to pay for the damaged caused.

So Steve put a call out to the scooter community and earlier today around 40 scooterists rallied around Steve to present the bill. Some had ridden over 50 miles to support their fellow owner.

Steve told us, “My plan was to do it very peacefully and hope to cause an impact on him as he’s a notorious bike thief and we do hope that we can achieve something. It certainly gave his neighbours something to look at.”

We’ll let you know if the alleged thief, who had made himself scarce during the visit, pays Steve what he is owed.

scooter thief handed bill damage
© Steve Stuckle | Steve on his Vespa PX before it was stolen

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