Ride to Work Week is encouraging car drivers to switch and become happier

The motorcycle industry body MCIA is encouraging bikers to persuade car driving friends to switch to bikes and #CommuteHappy during Ride to Work Week.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has launched 2018’s Ride to Work Week with the hashtag #CommuteHappy to persuade more commuters to switch from four wheels to two.

During the campaign week, 18th to 24th June, bikers are not only encouraged to use their own bikes for their commute but also to let car drivers know they could be saving time and the environment by using a motorcycle.

Ride to Work Week

The MCIA has produced an infographic showing how congestion could be reduced by up to 40% if just 10% of car drivers switched to motorcycles. If this switch happened, the UK economy would benefit in a reduction of the cost of congestion, which currently costs the country £30 billion each year.

Other highlighted benefits include saving up to 32 hours a year on the average commuting time and freeing up more space for parking – a real issue in many towns and cities.

The Ride to Work Week infographic can be downloaded here to share via social media and email, or right click on the infographic at the end of this article and save the image from our site.

The campaign theme, ‘#CommuteHappy’ reflects a finding by a survey by the Office for National Statistics that motorcyclists generally report a higher level of happiness during commutes.

More information on the campaign can be found at

Ride to Work Week


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