MAG offers £10,000 reward to catch bike thieves

Motorcycle Action Group is offering a reward of £10,000 for information that leads to the conviction of thieves who steal a member’s bike.

Biker’s rights organisation the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is stepping up its fight against motorcycle crime by offering a reward scheme and easier ways to report and share information about a bike that is stolen.

The scheme, which is available to all full members of MAG, provides a £10,000 cash incentive for information that directly leads to the conviction of thieves who have stolen a member’s bike.

In addition to the reward scheme, MAG is updating it’s online service so that members can easily share information about the bike and its theft on social media. It is hoped increasing awareness of the theft and the reward will lead to more information being provided about motorcycle thieves.

MAG is also working on a new system in partnership with CrimeStoppers. The system will enable anyone to report information about the theft anonymously and provide the intelligence, neatly bundled and enhanced with the relevant crime number and owner details, to the correct police force and department.

In announcing the initiative, MAG was keen to point out it could increase the chances of a conviction: ‘This system should increase the chances that good quality intelligence gets to the right place quickly and efficiently, and is then acted upon.

‘Anyone who has attempted to use the current 101 system will know that this is a major barrier to providing the police with the information and intelligence that they are always demanding. Our hope is that bypassing this barrier will yield results rather than frustration.’

Get yourself sorted:

If your bike has been stolen you can increase awareness of its theft by adding it to the UK Stolen Motorbike Register. Adding the bike to the Register helps us to build up a database of known criminal hotspots.

Individual MAG full membership costs £27, with discounts for joint memberships and riders aged 16-25.

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