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Price war between the motorcycle clothing retailers

Stuck between the traditional discounting at the NEC show and shoppers waiting until Black Friday, motorcycle clothing retailers are offering up to 40% off huge ranges of kit this week.

Everyone knows that you get the best deals on motorcycle gear at the big motorcycle shows, like this week’s Motorcycle Live show at the NEC.

Faced with this and it also being the week when Black Friday Fever hits, retailers, both online and offline are fighting back with some pretty decent offers of their own. We’ve found a blanket 20% off everything at the nationwide J&S chain, 15% off everything at specialist Nicholas Noble and up to 40% off selected gear at

The timing is superb. With temperatures now hinting at winter levels, we decided it was time to go shopping.


Having settled on some layered, breathable and waterproof RST kit, we found the superb Ventilator V 1702, in black, available on eBay from seller nicknobleuk at £135.59, saving 20% off the usual £169.99.  That’s actually better than the 15% off a retail price of £179.99 on their own website.

They didn’t have the size trousers we needed, so it was over to the J&S website (with the same offer in their stores), to pick up RST Blade Sport 2 for £89.99 – saving 20% on the normal retail price of £109.99 (we couldn’t stretch to the Ventilator kit for the kegs as well). Sizes are limited, though, so it pays to act quickly.

best deals on motorcycle gear
Dainese Sandstorm

If we weren’t sports bike twats, we would have looked at touring gear. Very temptingly, are offering a whopping 30% off the Dainese Sandstorm Goretex touring jacket, available in pretty much every size.

If budgets are tight but you still need new kit, we found the IXS Taranis Jacket in black, with waterproof and breathable layer and removable lining, at J&S with normal price £199.99, with an extra discount of £80 off bringing it down to £119.99. A further 20% discount was applied at checkout making the final price £95.99.


Aside from shopping for our own winter gear, we checked out other staples like is offering at least 20-25% off all Arai and 20-30% off Shoei helmets. We found a helmet we had bought at a show a couple of years previously, the nearly-epic Shoei NXR Valkerie was down from £469.99 to £329.99.

best deals on motorcycle gear
HJC Lorenzo for around £130

If that’s beyond your budget, they also have the tasty looking HJC FG-ST Lorenzo – Devil 99, recommended by Ride Magazine, for just £129.99. That’s a very decent 40% off the full retail price.

It may be possible to get cheaper deals at the show still – you can always haggle, especially on the last day when they will shift kit at practically any price, but you don’t have to travel there or pay for an entry ticket, so you can count those saving in too. That said, it’s a cracking day out so still make the effort anyway.

Please note. Prices are correct at the time of publishing. Prices may differ at all other times.




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