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New TT logo isn’t the new TT logo

A new logo for the Isle of Man TT website has confused fans and not exactly received a warm welcome.

Within hours of unveiling a new logo on the Isle of Man TT website yesterday, social media did a collective WTF?

Thinking that the new logo was replacing the iconic TT swoop logo – which features a Manx emblem sweeping around the TT letters – race fans were not happy.

The new logo was met with a tsunami of negative comments when it launched on the Isle of Man TT official Facebook page. Typical comments included, “No expense has been incurred in the production of this logo!!”, “Absolutely shocking. Could be an accountancy firm,” and the simple but deadly accurate, “What the hell is this?”

Wittier comments included, “Nice to see someone’s still using Microsoft Paint” and “Is this a good place to get coffee?”.

However, the new logo only applies to the website, which until recently was run on behalf of the Isle of Man Government, but is now operated solely by Duke Marketing, the company that actually maintains the website.

New TT logo
© Isle of Man TT | The much-loved TT logo is staying

Peter Duke, from Duke Marketing, explained, “We’ve been operating the website since 2000, on behalf of the Government, but now the website is completely independent. To make it clear the website is not part of TT organisation, we wanted to give it a new look.”

Mr Duke apologised for the confusion caused by using the new logo on the official Facebook page for the festival. “It is slightly misleading, but we have now added a message to the post that launched the logo, which should make it clear the logo is simply for our marketing activity for, not the actual TT.” He also confirmed that merchandise and sponsorship items would still feature the old logo.

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One commentator, a graphic designer, attempted to explain the thinking behind the new logo: “The underline gives a vague impression of motion with the two dots implying two bikes. Unfortunately, this would indicate they’re going backwards.” He went on to add, “The whole thing screams someone forgot about a deadline and panicked at the last minute – and by that I mean it literally took a minute to put together.”

You can see other reactions on the Facebook Page:

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