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New dash cam evidence website launched for police forces

With dash cams increasingly being used as evidence of dangerous driving and speeding, a new website helps drivers submit footage directly to police forces.

The UK’s one-in-four car drivers who have a dash cam fitted can now submit evidence of other road user’s behaviour directly to police forces.

The National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDSP) has been launched by dash cam manufacturer Nextbase to make it easier for drivers to supply footage to police forces. 19 of the UK’s 45 forces are using the not-for-profit system.

The portal makes it much easier and quicker for officers to learn of, investigate and potentially prosecute offences. There has been a surge in car divers using dash cams, leading to a deluge of submissions to police forces. The portal means a task that previously had taken on average 14 hours can now be investigated in minutes. An equivalent surge in prosecutions can now be expected.

At the launch of the system, Superintendent Paul Moxley from Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police said: “While the benefits to motorists of this ground-breaking Portal are clear, this convenience extends to police forces, since a process which previously took hours can now be reduced to a matter of minutes.

“In embracing this new technology, it enables the concerned road user to help us positively influence driver behaviour to make our roads a safer place for all users.”

The 19 police forces already using the National Dash Cam Safety Portal are:

Avon and Somerset
North Wales
North Yorkshire
South Wales
Thames Valley
The Metropolitan Police
West Mercia
West Midlands

Statement by Biker & Bike:

Are we anti-dash cam?

Biker & Bike has produced a number of articles on the rising use of dash cams. Why? Because we do not want to see motorcyclists vilified through the use of dash cams.

While we cannot condone reckless or dangerous riding, we do know as bikers ourselves that other road users often dislike motorcyclists for no better treason that we can make quicker progress than them. Dash cams make it too easy for them to pick up on a small issue and conflate it.

Many road users are also poorly informed on the law and the Highway Code. Dash cam footage, no matter how minor a perceived offence, can be used by them to unreasonably pursue or intimidate a rider.

We do not want stretched police forces to have their resources wasted by thousands of entries for ‘dangerous driving’ or ‘speeding’ when a motorcyclist has performed a perfectly reasonable manoeuvre.

What we certainly don’t want to see is our country become a nation of people spying on each other or home to a ‘citizen police force’. The UK has a perfectly professional police service already, without the interference of Chief Inspector Sunday Driver.

We admit there is not much we can do about it. But we hope that by better-informing fellow bikers of what to expect and what our rights are, fewer motorcyclists will be subjected to unfair treatment.

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