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Laid up motorcycle insurance policies explained

If you aren’t using a bike regularly, a laid up motorcycle insurance policy could be best

It doesn’t make sense to be spending hundreds of pounds a year on a motorbike policy when the bike isn’t even being used.

If you have declared the bike as SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), then you can insure the motorbike under a Laid Up Fire and Theft Policy.

It means even if the bike is stolen from your shed or garage (80% of all motorcycle crime is at the home address), then you’ll still be covered.

The good news is that laid up motorcycle insurance policies are much cheaper than standard third party fire and theft cover. Most of the quotes we’ve seen are around the £75-100 mark.


You could lose your NCB

There is a downside to laid-up policies. If the bike is your only motorbike and you previously had no claim bonus accumulating, a laid-up policy won’t contribute to the accrued NCB.

If you don’t re-insure with a policy that does gather NCB, within 24 months, then you could lose it.

Six and twelve-month policies

If you are restoring or rebuilding a bike and know you will only be SORN for a few months, you don’t have to go for a full year policy – shorter terms are available.

You can also cover multiple bikes with some insurers, but this may not always be cost effective.

What is important to remember though is that you can’t ride the bike on public roads with laid up insurance.

Many motorcycle insurers offer laid up insurance so if you have an existing policy that still has some time before it expires, then you may be able to switch the policy and save money (although there may be an administration fee involved).

How to get yourself sorted:

Switching to a laid up motorcycle insurance policy will almost certainly save you money yet still keep your bike protected by the cover you actually need.


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