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In hospitals doctors have a nickname for motorcyclists: ‘donors’.

The truth is, as a biker, you are by far the most likely road user to end up in a hospital. You might be grateful one day that someone else has signed up to be an organ donor.

Nearly 5,000 of us are seriously injured in road collision every year in the UK.

So despite the dark humour, there is a serious point to be made. It could be you in that hospital one day.

Now we are very much hoping that is not as a potential donor, that your injuries are not life threatening.

But what if you were in need of a skin graft, having gone ‘down the road’?

Or perhaps a lung has been punctured…

Organ donation is not just about helping another biker, as anyone can be in a position to be in need of an organ.

But as bikers, we are more likely to be in a position to help someone should the worse happen.

The truth is we are 38 times more likely to be killed in a road accident than someone in a car.

30 of us are killed or injured every day at junctions alone.

There is no silver lining to losing your life in a motorcycle accident, even if you are doing something you love at the time.

But you can help someone else hopefully survive their illness, to go on themselves and enjoy life to the full.

You don’t need to carry a card anymore. Simply register your details online here.

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