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BMW and Police collaborate on ‘moped basher’

London’s Metropolitan Police and BMW have collaborated to produce a bike ‘designed to bash moped offenders off the streets.

Revealed on the Metropolitan Police stand at the MCN London Motorcycle Show, the bike, an adapted BMW F700GS, has been built to a non-standard specification to allow officers to tactically pursue criminals on mopeds. A number are currently on order by the force although the officers demonstrating the bike would not reveal how many.

The bikes have been designed to keep weight and size down to a minimum, so they can be squeezed through gaps not normally accessible to bigger BMW police bikes, allowing officers to keep up with nimble mopeds and scooters.

The bikes are different to the tactical ‘BMW scramblers’ already operating in pairs in some London boroughs. A Met officer on the stand revealed, “The Met decided that standard patrol bikes were not capable of pursuits in many conditions so they turned to BMW and asked for ideas.”

moped basher
© Biker & Bike | auxiliary equipment is kept to a minimum


The result is the specially adapted 798cc BMW F700GS, with a specification designed for chasing highly manoeuvrable mopeds through urban environments. “These bikes have one purpose and that is to bash moped criminals off the streets,” or to use the correct police term, perform authorised tactical stops, with force if necessary.

Initial feedback from officers that have ridden the bikes is, “They are capable of keeping up with any moped or scooter including the higher-powered TMAX.”

moped basher
© Biker & Bike | Extra protection for doing battle with the TMAX gangs

Unlike regular police bikes, the BMWs will not be used on motorways or patrols. This means the auxiliary equipment normally carried by police motorcyclists, to deal with emergency situations, can be kept to a minimum. “The bikes have been specified with a special ‘top box’ and without panniers so that they can be used through narrow gaps,” explained the Met officer who took us around the bike.

“They also have extra protection bars so if the bike has to go down or comes into contact with a moped, the engine is protected.” He explained the bikes also featured bash-plates for off-road use and to keep weight down the only similarity with a regular specification police bikes was the sirens and the flashing blue light on an extendable arm, the ‘warning mask’ as they are called by officers.

The ‘moped basher’ bikes are expected to be deployed in the coming months.



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