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OK, so it’s a scooter. But they all count.

It’s a nice feeling when you are able to put something back into the biking community.

So when a member of the Biker & Bike team heard about an unregistered scooter that, following a death in the family, wasn’t going to be used again, we approached the family to see if they would be interested in donating the bike to a decent cause.

That cause is the Motorcycle Maintenance Course held at Hackney Community College in London.

The college offers low-cost evening courses for beginners, helping them understand the principles of motorcycle engineering in hands-on workshops on how to maintain a bike.

Having been on the course ourselves we knew how desperate the team there is for donor bikes for the students to work on.

In fact, Biker & Bike Editor Ian also did their Intermediate Motorcycle Maintenance course, although as you’ll see in his Jonah Diaries, not everything he learned has sunk in. Not the course’s fault.

Happy to help

The family with the scooter were only too happy to hear of our plan to give the bike to the college.

After a few quick phone calls we arranged to trailer the bike down to the college’s workshops in Shoreditch, where it was gratefully accepted by course leader Mohan Miah. “I can’t thank you enough for thinking of us. We always need project bikes for the students to work on. Most of them come to us in a complete state of disrepair so it’s great to have something we can use that is complete to begin with.”

In fact, with just 22 miles on the clock, only a cracked front mudguard, a flat battery and the odd bit of surface rust are going to prevent the bike being described as brand new.

If you have a working bike that you no longer need and would like to donate it to the college and live within 10 miles of the M25, please get in touch with us using the Editorial address on our Contact Us page.

We’ll arrange transport and take the bike off your hands.

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