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10 reasons why you should join the #BikersUnited ride

Saturday 9th September sees what will hopefully be the largest protest ride yet against the motorcycle related crime epidemic.

The aim of the ride is to get these messages across:

  1. It is not acceptable that ordinary commuting bikers should have to ride in fear of being bike-jacked.
  2. Motorcyclists should not have to carry two disc locks and a heavy chain just to ride into a city.
  3. Senior police officers need to lower the bar when it comes to authorised pursuits. There should no need to wait for a helicopter.
  4. During pursuits, the safety of the criminal should not be the main priority.
  5. It makes no sense that police officers can be prosecuted for dangerous driving when they need to stop criminals driving dangerously.#BikersUnited protest ride
  6. Until 3, 4 and 5 are resolved, there needs to be highly visible motorbike-riding squads of police deployed constantly in key areas.
  7. Those squads need to renew stop and search tactics, to prevent moped gangs carrying knives and bottles of acid.
  8. Proper prison sentences of proportionate length need to be given out.
  9. When a motorbike is stolen, more resources should be available to recover it.
  10. Paul’s mum said so and you don’t want to mess with Paul’s mum.*

If you agree with any of these statements, please make the effort to join the #BikersUnited protest ride at 10.30am, 9th September 2017 in Regent’s Park London.

#BikersUnited protest ride
#BikersUnited protest ride start location

More details are available here:

*Ironically, Paul can’t actually make the ride because he is helping his mum move house. Nobber.


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