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Stolen motorbike police: Find your own evidence, then we’ll investigate

A biker who reported the theft of her stolen motorbike to police was told: ‘Collect some CCTV evidence. Otherwise, the case is closed.’

Aline Catao had only owned the brand new special edition GSXR 750 Moto GP for five days when it was stolen from a bike park in London’s St Katherine’s dock.

Despite an onlooker filming the theft, when Aline reported it to police, they refused to come to the scene or even take a statement. Instead, they issued her with a crime reference number over the phone. This was on a Sunday evening at around 9.45pm.

Twelve hours later the police were again on the phone, this time to say that because there was no supporting evidence (presumably excluding the video footage they had not even seen), the case would be closed unless Aline could get CCTV footage from local buildings in the area.

Stolen motorbike
The same model that was stolen

To make matters worse, when Aline conducted her own investigations into any available footage, she was told by building managers they would only open the footage to the police.

Aline told us, “I have been to plenty of buildings – companies, restaurants, apartment complexes – and they all say the same thing: they can only open the footage for the police.

“With the police showing absolutely no interest in my case, my hands are tied.

“The bike was brand new. We are devastated with this situation and gutted with the absolute disinterest of the police in helping us – unless we do their job.”


Aline approached Biker & Bike after reading our advice on what to do if your bike is stolen. If you were in the Wapping area on Sunday 22nd October 2017, between 9.30pm and 10.00pm, and saw a blue Suzuki motorbike being pushed by a number of moped riders, please contact us and we will pass the information onto the owner.

If you have also been the victim of a stolen motorbike and the police have been less-than-helpful, you can contact for more help.


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