WTF is Biker & Bike?

Like the world needs another site dedicated to motorbikes… But Biker & Bike is different and the clue is in the name.

Yes, we are obsessed about bikes. But this website is as much about bikers as their machines.

Because it’s not as though the machine has to pay for the insurance. Or worry about it getting stolen. Or even the best place to go for a well-earned road trip. So this site is about helping bikers get the most out of our passion.

Let’s start by defining what we mean by ‘biker’

The term biker is miss-used by society. Most people, asked to describe a biker, would probably come up the the classic Hell’s Angel caricature – greasy jeans, engine oil in the beard and a strong whiff of patchouli oil in the air.

99% of the people reading this will not be like this.

You’ll be the daily commuter on a GS and the weekend track warrior on a barely-affordable K5 (lucky you if you have that legendary Gixxer).

You’ll be the guy delivering fast-food on a 125, now thinking about going for your licence and getting your first big bike.

You’ll be the person who has ridden non-stop for 30 years (there’s still stuff to learn, isn’t there).

Or the post-kids parent who has just got on again after 15 years of promising the other half you wouldn’t.

To us, bikers are the cafe racer builders, the track day addicts, the trials obsessives and the dedicated Euro-tourers.

Bikers each and every one.

But guess what? No single site exists to give us all universally helpful information. No single site where, in one session, they can learn how to better protect their bike, find a discount for a clothing specialist and be inspired by an octogenarian who has ridden more miles in her lifetime than most of us can ever hope to ride.

So we started Biker & Bike. A single place to, in our clumsy words, to give more power to the biker.
Power to the biker slogan

Serious about biking

Until we started B&B we were pretty much just fun-loving bikers. And while we don’t actually wear ties, we have had to knuckle down to pull something together that you would find useful.

On the About Us you’ll understand what inspired us to start B&B. But we’ve come a long way since being angered by those videos of bikes being stolen.

We wanted to do something to help bikers get more out of their biking, be better treated by the rest of society and become better bikers. All from the standpoint of being bikers ourselves.

It means we set out to give other bikers access to independent advice and information without having to appease advertisers (although we will take advertising and sponsorship, but on our terms. And we definitely won’t be spamming the page like some bike sites).

It means if we think there is a bit of ungentlemanly conduct by insurers we’ll point out how to do something about it (auto-renewal being a massive chip on our shoulder, should you need an example).

It means if we think a particular type of lock is not as secure as a Sold Secure sticker might imply, we’ll point that out too.

It also gives us the freedom to campaign about things we think are important – like getting you to volunteer to become a blood biker or campaigning for the safety of bikers who work for fast food companies (they are still bikers, many of them are as nuts about bikes as you might be).

And it won’t take you more than a few minutes spent on the website to realise we are ‘hopping’ mad* about the volume of motorbike crime in the UK. And that we are going to do something about it.

In a nutshell, Biker & Bike is a website and social media channels that are dedicated to giving motorcyclists really useful information and inspire them to do more and more varied biking.

Nothing more, nothing less: You and your bike sorted.

Serious about having fun on bikes

There’s more to it than just making sure we all get more from our biking.

As well as all the info on getting yourself sorted, we plan to inspire you with the lifestyles and biking lives of the 99% who don’t wash their balls with DOT 4.

Our Bucket List ‘do before you die’ pieces will hopefully encourage you to get out and do more than just Sunday rides.

Our features on bikers from every walk of life will hopefully inspire you to make your biking even more interesting.

And if we can get just one person to do a track day (you can use pretty much any bike, you know) and make them realise how much fun, how much safer than country roads TD’s are and how much they will improve your riding, then in our book it will be a job well done.

BTW, we reckon the same pretty much goes for off-roading and trials events too but we don’t do any of that ourselves – if you do and want to help us inspire others to take it up, please get in touch using We know our dirt bike coverage is low, so please help us out by becoming a contributor.

So how do we fund the site?

Many of the links that you click on in the site will earn a referral fee for Biker & Bike.

Isn’t that the same as advertising? We don’t think so, as long as we maintain an editorial policy of complete independence.

It’s a bit like a Money Saving Expert or Which? magazine, for bikers. They do the same thing.

We’ll tell you as much as we can about a product or service and we’ll provide you with a handy link to go ahead and find out more for yourself.

If we say a track day company or disc lock could do something better, you may choose that provider or lock anyway, because perhaps the price is better for you.

Or if there is an accommodation supplier for a Biker’s Bucket List destination it could make it quicker and easier for you to book the trip, but they might not be the ‘cheapest-by-£1′ on that particular day.

All you need to know is that we won’t hide the bad bits. And being bikers, we’ll rave about the good bits. All the time trying to be as helpful as we can.

It means that the product manufacturers aren’t always so keen to get us to review things (unless they have a great product, of course).

So our ‘reviews’ very often are actually a round up of what real users think, what paid product testers say and when we’ve used the product or service ourselves, our thoughts too. We think that gives you a more complete picture.

And that’s how it works. We can help you discover a great deal, or a better way to secure your bike or an idea for an epic ride for a weekend with you mates. If you click on the links we provide, that are there to help you anyway, we might just be able to keep growing the site and make it the awesome resource we want it to be for bikers.

And, let’s be completely honest, help us pay for newer bikes ourselves if there’s anything else left over.


Ian (the Z650 which had to be trailered to the shoot) &
Paul (the ‘Tona with all the bling bits).

*Not the phrase we wanted to use. You know what we really meant.

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The Author

Ian Malone

Ian Malone

Ian is the Editor and a co-founder of Biker & Bike.

He is obsessed about bikes to the point that he often starts conversations with new people by saying, "Please don't get me onto the subject of bikes. We'll be here all day."

Inevitably, the next question asked is nearly always, "What bike have you got, then?"

He owns four bikes right now:

'78 Kawasaki Z650
'97 Triumph Daytona 955i
'02 Suzuki SV650s
'09 Yamaha R1

At any one time, only two of these bikes are ever working, as you can read about on our blog.

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