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Top cop calls for stiffer sentences for thugs

Britain’s most senior police officer has recognised the policy of trying to keep young offenders out of jail isn’t working. The policy has led directly to the UK’s bike crime epidemic.

Cressida Dick, head of the Metropolitan Police and the country’s most senior officer has told a penal reform conference that teenage offenders should face ‘harsher and more effective’ prison sentences.

According to the Daily Mail and reported in other national media, Commissioner Dick is believed to have told the conference that, “I and a number of my officers are seeing an increasing number of young people in London who are simply not fearful of how the state will respond to their actions.

“At what point does the state prioritise its duty to protect the public and ensure that young people could see the criminal justice system as something that will catch up with them?”

As recently reported by Biker & Bike, the UK’s Criminal Justice System is set up to keep young offenders out of jail. This has led directly to the bike crime epidemic, as young criminals from moped gangs know they can be arrested 80-100 times for street muggings, bike thefts and bike jackings, yet still not receive a prison sentence.

As reported in the Mail, the number of under-18s in young offender institutions has fallen from 3,000 in 2007 to around 860 today. Last year 26,236 criminals under 18 were sentenced by courts, with just 1,598 – around one in 16 – locked up.


Commissioner Dick told the conference the system is failing and directly called for, “…more effective sentencing… where it is clear other approaches are no longer working, with custodial sentences that do actually deter people.”

Read more about the cause and solutions to the motorcycle crime epidemic here.



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