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Bikers say UK drivers are the worst in Europe

UK Bikers who ride regularly on the Continent say UK drivers are the worst in Europe by far, according to a recent poll.

A survey in the UK Bikers Touring in Europe Facebook group has found motorcyclists overwhelmingly say UK driving standards are the worst of any country in Europe.

In the poll, of over 450 bikers, over 60% said UK driving standards were the poorest. The next country, Italy, had less than 19% of the vote and the third country, Belgium, only 8%.

Belgium is the only country to be represented highly in both the poll and also in official driving accident statistics, which paint a very different picture to the survey.

Data collected by the EU shows that Belgium has the highest number of road accident fatalities, per percentage of the population, followed by the Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany. The UK is actually the 5th safest country to drive in. Italy is mid-table.

However, official statistics represent only fatalities, not the total number of accidents. The real-world survey also reflected the poor attitudes, reckless behaviour and knowledge of road legislation experienced by bikers from other road users.

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In comments attached to the poll, it was clear official accident statistics were not showing the whole picture. Said one biker, “We have limited road law enforcement. The government has managed to focus on speeding (income generator) than driving standards. Near misses are not recordable. Poor driving is not recordable. That we have the few accidents we have is a minor miracle and not from high driving agency standards.”

Others commenting on the poll, said:

“UK driving is shocking and steadily getting worse.”

“We rode to Rome last year, our second Europe trip, and compared to the UK mainland European drivers are great. They indicate, they look, they don’t hog the road, they pull back in on motorways and they are considerate to bikers.”

Some members of the UK Bikers Touring in Europe group pointed out that if the riders were mostly riding in the UK, they would experience more poor driving from other road users. This was dispelled in other comments: “I live in Germany and mostly ride over here on mainland Europe, but I’ve noticed that the driving/riding in the UK is getting worse and worse each time I come over, quite shocking really.”

Bikers have been found to be better road users than car drivers. According to a survey on road knowledge conducted by insurer Carole Nash, motorcyclists scored better than car drivers 75% of the time in all areas of road safety from properly identifying road signs to how to overtake safely.

The same survey found that that nearly one in five drivers failed Carole Nash’s test, which was based on the official DVSA quiz. Bikers did much better – only one in twenty failed.

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