Bikers are helping raise funds for acid attack victims

A charity dinner event aims to raise money to support acid attack victims.

Organisations from the #BikersUnited group, of which Biker & Bike is a member, are supporting a charity event being held to raise funds for survivors of acid attacks.

MAG, We Ride London and others are backing an event held by Jabed Hussain, one of six victims attacked in a single night by motorcycle thief Derryck John in July 2017. The event aims to raise awareness and funds for acid attack victims, many of whom suffered serious financial loss after being unable to work following an attack.

Tickets for the event, which is being held on Thursday 25th January, at The Royal Regency, London, can be bought here:

The event is expected to be attended by politicians supporting reforms of the sale of acid and is being compared by MAG’s Lembit Öpik, who stated, “This is a worthy cause supporting the victims of these dreadful crimes and will draw attention to the fact that we need to get tough, very tough, on the criminals involved. The event will help to highlight both sides of the issue and I’m delighted to be involved”.


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