£100 fine and three points if you pass too close to a cyclist

From today, motorists face an increased chance of receiving a £100 fine and points on their licence if they pass too close to a cyclist. The same protection isn’t being offered to motorcyclists.

A new Government initiative has been introduced that will see more motorists, including motorcyclists, fined and in receipt of penalty points on their licence if they pass too close to cyclists.

Although some police forces have already been fining road users for driving too close to cyclists, Government Transport Minister Jesse Norman has revealed he wants to see more enforcement, to ensure, “more drivers are made aware of the need to leave safe distances when overtaking cyclists”. The Highway Code does not state a minimum distance a driver needs to leave when overtaking a cyclist.

More police forces will be encouraged to implement the fines, through an additional training programme for officers. Driving instructors will also be encouraged to give their pupils extra tuition on safe distances, in a programme that will cost taxpayers £500,000.

The Government advice is not clear on how much distance a cyclist should leave when passing other vehicles on the inside.

Any measure that increases safety on UK roads is welcome, but this particular initiative once again shows that motorcyclists are treated as second-class citizens compared to cyclists. Although most motorcyclists wear more protective clothing than cyclists, bikers are equally vulnerable when other road users drive too close.

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Understand more about how cyclists should use the road, including the rules on riding abreast:


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